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You can use the links on this page to work towards achieving your spelling goals.

Essential List 6 (1st 35 words)
Essential List 6 (2nd 35 words)
Essential List 7 (1st 30 words)
Essential List 7 (2nd 30 words)

Build better sentences! Wonderful words: 

Use this interactive poem maker 

Prefixes and Suffixes:

Practise with Prefixes
Prefix and Meaning match-ups

Click here to play Choose the right prefix


Past Tense  - verbs that change their form 

Past tense - game 2

  Use Reading Bear to improve your word decoding skills 

Mr Thorne's phonics

Sunshine Online literacy activities 

(you will need to have the class username and password)

Listen to the story then fill in the missing words in this Interactive Spelling Bee

Make simple sentences with these games:
 Simple Sentences  
Simple Sentences 2
Simple Sentences 3

Conjunctions are used to connect sentences. 
Choose the best conjunction to join some sentences in this game:       Conjunctions

Play this game: Is This a Compound Sentence?

Find the correct joining word for these sentences: Bitesize
Play the Plurals games

Test yourself on Plurals

Look, Cover, Write - put in your own list

ABCya Dolch words spelling practice

Take on the Teacher!

Big, Huge Thesaurus 

Alphabet Bears - alphabetical order
Dinosaur Eggs - word recognition
Days of the Week  - read and order

Mrs Morris' typing practice sqworl

Story Starters
ScholasticStory Starters- spin the levers to find out what to write and to who!

Books for Shared Reading
Children's Books Forever

Five Elements of a Story - song

Learn about:  
Homonyms - Enchanted Learning
                                    Homophones -YouTube
                                    Match the Homonyms

Antonyms (opposites) Tooth Fairy game