Sunday, August 19, 2018

Our River Walk - Looking at Fish Habitats

As part of our science work on Fish, we walked to our river to think about fish habitats.
In our river we have trout and eels.
We also wanted to see how people may have changed the river and possibly affected the fish habitats.

Would some fish like the shallow, swift parts of the river?

We checked out a stream that flows into the river

Would some fish like the deep, shadowy parts of the river?

Fifty years ago, this part of the river was a deep swimming hole. 
Now it has filled with silt and stones.
Would the fish swim here?

Could landslides affect the fish in the river?

Sometimes the river floods over this paddock.
Would fish swim here?


This bank has been shaped and replanted.
Could this affect the fish?

Would fish like to hide among these boulders?

Did you spot any fish while you were on the swing bridge?

If you were an eel, what part of the river would you live in?


In science the class are finding out about fish.

Establishing prior knowledge:

Examining one of the hoki which was kindly donated to us by a fishery in Westport:
(thanks to Ros for completing the dissection after school for us, so we could cook and eat the fish the next day!)

The gills:

 The backbone:

Fish have teeth:

Have you ever been fishing?
What did you observe when you looked at the fish?