Numeracy Links

Great links for improving your numeracy skills (and they're lots of fun as well)

Plus Happy Numbers 

Solve Me - balancing logic

The Big Numbers song

The Groups with Ten song

The Place Value song

Number flash:

Ten-frame flash:

The 10 Dance

Subitizing numbers 

Big Numbers Song

Numeracy Games:
Basic Facts:

Quick practise basic facts - prototec maths

Funky Mummy  (basic facts)

Build a Water Slide (number pairs for 20, and number pairs for  100)

Repair the Water Slid(subtraction from 20)

Classroom Capers subtraction

Math Lines Addition

Subtraction Games .  -  Number  

Aztec take-away counting back

choose - Big Bayou

Place value:
Splat Square (100s chart)

Number Properties and Ordering - CrickWeb
Collect the Ducks - identify ones, tens, hundreds
Collect the Ships - identify ones, tens, hundreds, thousands
Dino Place Value
Tens and Ones:

Base Ten Fun - ABCYa - build numbers using base ten blocks

Robin Hood Archery (doubles to 10)
Archery (doubles past 20)
Tidy Numbers:

Geometry and Measurement:

Position and Orientation:

Captain Slackbeard's Treasure Hunt - using co-ordinates

Post the Shapes - translate/reflect/ rotate (slide/flip/turn)
Tessellation patterns - Mrs Yollis' class
Tessellation patterns - Mrs Kistler's class
Shape and Measurement - CrickWeb
Shape Sorter
Colour My Shape

Shapes and Patterns

Flip, Turn and Slide (Reflect, Rotate and Translate) with Shape Mods

   Shape Overlays 

Work out the volume of the shapes


Slide, Flip and Turn

more Slide, Flip and Turn - What has happened to the letter?

   Find, Cut and Turn

Squirt the Dog (choosing angles)


The calendar game 

Measure Area with this online geoboard
Measure area in this Party Designer game
Find the Perimeter

Interactive Clock
Sheppard Math - time
Tell the Time - Sheppard maths
Through the Maze - time

choose - Space Clock

Mass / Weight
Seesaw - mass/weight
Measuring with Scales - mass/weight

Fish Tank - length

Money matching
Money Matching 2
Coin Click - click coins to make an amount of money

Big Count Bayou ( ordinal numbers)
The Counting Dock (count and identify numbers)
Musical Number Patterns

Thinking Blocks - help with problem solving