Friday, December 11, 2015

'In a Reefton Summer Garden' - Celebration of Learning 2015

The culmination of the school year is our Celebration of Learning, where achievements are recognised and arts items are show-cased.

In B4, the students came up with their ideas and 

We are proud to present our item:
'In a Reefton Summer Garden'

What did you enjoy about our item?

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Playing with Periscopes

At our school, during Terms 2 and 4, we usually have a learning focus on science and technology.
This term, we started with a science unit on Light and Colour.

Then we had a technology challenge!

We remembered the work we had done on the First World War in Term 1's Social Studies (here and here). The soldiers used periscopes in the trenches to see over the top.

Charlee brought her toy periscope.

We watched a video about making a periscope.

After our periscopes were made, we tried them out in the playground.

After a bit of tweaking, it was time to finish camouflaging our periscopes, ready for our game of hide-and-seek!

Have you ever used a periscope?