Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hot - or Not? : Zeer Pots and Solar Ovens

In technology with Mrs Wistrand we've been learning that the sun's energy is used in many ways. 
We've looked at solar heating systems and also 
cooling systems.
We've already made zeer pot fridges, to keep our milk cool. See the post about it here
Now we've made solar ovens. 
When we get a sunny day we'll try making s'mores with our ovens!

Do you think our solar ovens will work?
What else could we try cooking with our ovens?
Do YOU make use of solar energy?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Can You Guess What We are Doing?

Can you guess what we are doing?

Can you guess what was in the container?

Can you guess the missing vowels in these words?
h - t 
c - ld 
- ns - l - t -
m - t - r - - l

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lily Writes About Getting Ready For Pets Day

Lily has just turned 6. 
She was excited to enter her rock Mouse Family as an exhibit on Pets Day last week.

Do you have any feedback for Lily about her writing and her mouse family?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Through the Window: Looking At Ourselves

We've been working with Mrs Wistrand to create these artworks, where we are looking at ourselves 
through a four-pane, white-framed window.
These are the pictures that gave us inspiration:
'Birds of a Feather'
Joanna Braithwaite

'Boy with Noah's Ark'
(1916, 1917)
Edith Collier

Our sepia-look picture has a photo of us now, with our baby photo in the background. 
The sepia effect was created with crayon and dye.

In the second picture we clothed ourselves with photos of something special to us.

The third picture, with our toys, was done using water colour pencils, high-lighted with vivid pen.

For the fourth picture we drew memories, using pastels in our school colours.

What would you include if you were making artworks like ours?
What inspires you?

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Global Classroom Scrapbook Moves On

A few weeks ago a Global Classroom scrapbook arrived in the mail for us. 
You can read about it in this post.

We've put together our pages for the scrapbook. 
Here are two of them:

Now it is time to send the scrapbook on to the next class.

Off it goes to a school in Milton Keynes, England!
We're looking forward to hearing that it has arrived safely.

Do you think a traveling scrapbook is a good idea?
How can it help us in our learning?