Monday, October 3, 2011

A Memorable Day

We've been learning to make deliberate word choices as we write, to add impact and interest.
 We tried to use these skills as we wrote about a day that has been memorable to us.
We hope you enjoy our writing.
Year 3:
A Memorable Day (by Year 3)
Year 2:
A Memorable Day (by Year 2)
Year 1:
A Memorable Day (by Year 1)
Do you have a memorable day to share with us?


  1. Hello B4 what wonderful memorable days you have had.

    Like Paige my memorable day was when I went to Niagara Falls in Canada last year. It was the first time I had been back to Canada since I was a little girl and my Dad had taken me to Niagara Falls as a baby so it felt really special to go back there now that I'm 31.

    Ka Kite


  2. Wow great memorable moments! My memorable moment was when I was hired as a teacher. I will never forget that day. I was thrilled. Thank you for sharing, keep writing ;) mrs.Conley Honolulu, Hawaii

  3. Dear Mrs McKenzie and B4

    Thank you for posting a comment on our page. We are excited to have a blog to show you all the things we do here at New Town Elementary.

    We all read your stories on our promethean board. You have great writers in your class. We hope we can share some of our stories too.

    Our class memorable moment would be when we first performed a welcome song Miss Lologa taught us from New Zealand to another class in our school. The class really enjoyed watching performance and they gave us lollipops afterwards.

    Keep up the good work!
    From Miss Lologa 2nd Grade Class New Town Elementary School, North Carolina, U.S.A

  4. Dear B4.
    My memorable day is when I got back damage when I slipped of my top bunk .
    My back was so shiny red it ached for an hour and a half.

    It hurt so much I couldn’t lay down.

    Happy world cup 2011 from Dylan

  5. Dear B4

    I had a memorable day.

    It was when I flew in a big plane to Auckland by myself. I wasn’t scared but my ears got sore. They gave me a hot chocolate and they gave me some lollies.

    by Nathan

  6. Hello B4,
    Well done on your memorable stories. You certainly have added impact and interest.

    I liked the way that Mrs McKenzie made the stories into flip books for us to read.

    I have had many memorable days. One that I think you might like is: Many years ago I got to visit the South Island of New Zealand. Two days after Christmas, on a bright sunny day, I got to look around Wanaka. Just after lunch, the sky grew very dark as a storm was coming. When the storm did hit, it started snowing!!

    Hope you all have great holidays next week.

    from Mrs W @ Harston PS

  7. Dear b4

    I have another memorable Day it was when it snowed because I did a snow-angeland a snowman and a snow ball fight and a snow boet and a pillow. and when it hailed I thought it was...

    warm wishes
    form G&harts;nda

  8. Dear b4
    i have a Memorable Day wan I went to Australia. with my parents for the holidays.

    by Jona♔hon.

  9. Dear b4 I can't do sport today because I have a sore leg and a sore back.
    by Stevie.

  10. Hello, B4 Superstars :) I'm Ashton in Room 2 from Auckland, New Zealand. I'm in the same country as you :D !!! You guys sure are working hard, don't give up, try your best, you can do it!!! I'm lovin' this blog, oh man I just can't wait to visit again. If you want to visit/add me to your blog roll then visit my site at, bye... 8) From: Ashton