Thursday, August 9, 2012

Putting the Effort In - 100 Medals 1908-2012!

An exciting aspect of these Olympic games for New Zealand is that our 100th Olympic medal has been earned in the Olympics games.
We are a small country and our Olympic athletes become household names and role-models to many. 
Here is a video showing the New Zealand Olympians from 1908-2012 who have earned the 100 medals.

(Thank you to our friends in Room 24, TIS for the link to the video.)

Do you have a sportsperson that you admire? 
What are the qualities that person has that you find admirable?
What lessons can we learn from our Olympians?


  1. We are extremely proud of our Olympians. Thank you for putting it on your blog, we have copied it on to our blog (
    I wonder how many more medals we will have before the end of these London Olympics?
    Nicki Tempero
    Halswell School

    1. Dear Nicki
      We are very proud of our Olympians too. We have 13 medals.
      bye for now
      Ivy and Elizabeth

  2. Dear B4

    Did you see the question at the end of the video clip? It asked us 'when were we most proud to be New Zealanders?' My answer to that has to be always. I do swell with pride when any New Zealand stands tall and represents us for the many wonderful qualities we "Kiwis" have.

    We can learn a lot valuable lessons from our Olympians. These include perseverance, hard work and commitment to achieving our goals; having pride in our beautiful country and playing fair and playing strong.

    There are many sportspeople I admire; some are Olympians and some are not. The video brought back many memories of watching courageous and determined champions give their very best. Two sportspeople outside of the Olympics that I admire are Richie McCaw and Irene van Dyk.

    I admire Richie McCaw because he has often made sacfrices and has put playing for the All Blacks, his team, and our country before himself. Did you know he did not go to Prince William and Kate's wedding because he was so focussed on the World Cup? I admire Irene van Dyk because she is a wonderful role model to young players in the Silver Ferns and other netballers all around New Zealand and the world. Also, she is always smiling.

    Let's hope we gain a few more medals before the end of the Olympics. Will you be following the Paralympics?

    Your friend
    Miss McLeod