Friday, July 5, 2013

Absolutely Not!

The Year 2 students from B4 presented their play 
at assembly.
The wily lion has his recipe book and is inviting the animals to play a hiding game in his cooking pot.
Will they get tricked into being eaten?
Absolutely not!

Thanks to Year 3 student Olivia for the video footage.

How did we do? 
Were our voices clear and easily heard?


  1. Kia ora B4

    You are talking clearly.That was a great play. I really liked the whole thing. I hope you have a great holidays.
    from Lucinda

    1. Hilo Jullet revell I live in Reefton and my car is voswagin What's your one?
      from Marcus

    2. Der Kia .
      I had curis the fist time i. Went on saje . Hav you. Evir went on saje?.

      from Caleb.

  2. dear lucinda in are play i was the first zebra to hop ote. the athers coodint get ote i went to farst on the stage i zoomed as farst as a ball roling agenst the concrec.

    from Reagan

  3. dear lucinda
    thank you for your comment. we liked it.please leave a comment. I like your comment's. what school did you go to? I go to reefton area school. and how was your teacher? are teacher is mekenze.
    from Jamie

  4. Dear B4

    I thort the play was awesome.
    Yes.You guys where nice and claer
    and it was loud.I thort the masks looked pretty fantasit.
    It was a funny play.I likedthe zebras,lion and the lizads.I liked the hens.Peck,peck.

    Did you have fun?
    What was your favrite thing about it?

    By Zaria ♥