Friday, March 28, 2014

What Did We Bring in Our Mystery Kete?

We were finding our news circle a bit boring, so when Mrs McKenzie saw this tweet 
from a teacher in Palmerston North

we started our own Mystery Kete.
Each day, two students take a kete home, choose an item and prepare some clues for the next morning.
We have had some diverse items arriving in the kete, and it's great fun trying to guess what the items might be.

Leave us some clues in a comment - we'll try to guess what your mystery item is!


  1. Dear mrs McK
    i like the idear of the mystery kete it is a rily good in sted on friday some kids in our class shir there things that come from home i just now wat to bring guss wat it is?
    by devontay hope you coment bake

    1. Dear Devontay
      I'm glad you like having the mystery kete. I always look forward to seeing what you all bring when it's your turn.
      Here is my guess - I wonder if it is a book?

      from Mrs McKenzie

  2. Hello B4,

    It's Miss Robinson here, what a fantastic idea. I wonder if you can guess what my mystery item is...

    It is not good for our gardens.
    It is brown and green.
    You may find your own in dark, damp places around your home.

    1. Dear Miss Robinson
      Thank you for your clue!
      Here are our guesses:

      Flynn said 'grass'
      Lily said 'weeds'
      Emmalia said 'spiders'
      Reagan said 'moss'
      Korbyn said 'snail'
      Samuel said 'slugs'
      Caleb said 'grass bugs'
      Bradley said 'grasshopper'

      Were any of us right?

      from B4

  3. We think this is cool. We are learning to ask good questions, and think this would be neat to do later in the year. Mrs P has a mystery bag that she sometimes uses to help us think about something and we think it is really fun.
    From E7 at Eastern Hutt