Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Fish of Maui

The students from B4 have been working with Mrs Wright in Drama this term.

In the story, Maui (a Maori demi-god) hides away in his brothers' waka (canoe) when they go fishing. 
They row out from Te Waka a Maui - the South Island, 
(also known as Te Wai Pounamu) 
and Maui fishes up a huge fish which becomes the North Island - Te Ika a Maui 
(the fish of Maui)

Here is our play, called "The Fish of Maui'.

B4 students - what was your part in the play?

Do you have a favourite legend of Maui?


  1. Dear B4
    I acted as part of the sea.
    My favourite legend is Maui and the sun.
    Hooking the fish looked fun!
    Acting as the sea was tiring, but it was okay.
    From Jamie

  2. Dear B4
    I think everyone done a great job at the show. I think I done a great job at it too.We also done a great job at covering mistakes we made like when the jawbone ripped in half.I injoyed the play.I think we all spoke up and faced the audience.Caleb was the one that spoke up and faced the audience best.When I saw the play on the computer I realised how good the sea and the grass doing a great job at swaying.It looked so real.Every one did a great job at remembered all there lines.I also liked the acting some people did like when the fishing went so fast.I liked Braedyn, Flynn and Caleb kept in time with each other.The narrater was lound.My favourite legend of Maui is Maui catched the sun.
    What did we do well?
    What should we do better?
    What did you like about the play?
    from Samuel

  3. Dear B4
    My part was brother 1.
    I really projected my voice very well.
    It was very funny when the hook broke.

    From Caleb

  4. Dear b4
    Great video . Caleb you were great.
    From Zaria

  5. Dear b4
    I did very well.So did Flyn.
    whats your favourite part?
    The sea moved very well.
    From Caleb

  6. I really enjoyed watching the presentation of your legend. Room 14 gas also been studying Maori Legends this term. We presented Maui and the great eel to our school assembly. Well done.

  7. What a fabulous way to tell this story. We all enjoyed watching this. We enjoyed the legend of Maui catching the sun earlier this year. We think Maui is pretty cool.
    We got your post card today! We were so happy to get it. What a gorgeous photo on the front - your purple evening skies are very nice. Thank you :)
    From your buddies in Room E7, Eastern Hutt School.

  8. Well done. A super way to tell the story. Our favourite Maori legend is 'Maui and the Sun' and we also like the Marariki story about the seven fish.

  9. Dear b4
    I loved the play.

    from Charlee