Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Plethora of Pets

Pet's Day dawned with thunder and rain!
Luckily the weather fined up by 12pm when the 
Grand Parade began.
We were impressed by all the creative entries in each section - crafts, decorated bikes, baking,
plus all of the animals.
For the first time we had two family competitions: harakeke (flax-weaving) and rhubarb!

At the end of the day, the White Ribbon Riders arrived.
Our kapahaka group gave a welcome and we got to take a look at the bikes.

Tell us about your pet!

Can you tell us what 'plethora' means?


  1. Dear B4.
    We all liked pets day.
    What was your favourite part?
    My favourite part was having a look at the cakes and stuff in the hall.
    Did you bring a pet?
    Will i did.

    From Cal♥ b

    1. Dear Caleb
      I think it's great that you always comment on our new posts!
      I enjoyed the Grand Parade the most, it was fabulous to see so many pets this year.
      I'm always amazed by the creative ideas we see in the baking and the sand saucers and models too. maybe next year our class will try some harakeke!
      Have you ever woven flax?

      warm regards
      Mrs Mckenzie

    2. Dear Mrs Mckenzie
      Thank you for your comment.
      I made a cake for pets day.
      How meny kids in our class made a cake,fruit cake, pet rock or a modil.
      Lily won 1st prise for a cake that she made.
      After the prise giving the white riben ridders came I liked the biggest motor bike.
      What was your favourite motor bike?
      My dog Tui runs as fast as a cheter.
      Pets day is my favourite part of the year:)
      What is your favourite part of the year?
      No I have not woven flax.

      Bye for now Cal♥ b