Thursday, February 5, 2015

Art For the A and P Show

Many districts around New Zealand have A&P Shows (Agricultural and Pastoral Shows).
The shows are an opportunity for town and country to meet.

This year is the 105th A&P Show for our district.
There are animals to look at, horse events, fairground rides and games, competitions for domestic skills, art and photography competitions, and much, much more!

The students in B4 have made some art works to enter in the Junior art section. 
Their art works are based on the theme of summer.

Summer Art on PhotoPeach

Mrs McK is going to enter a jar of her home-grown, home-made raspberry jam in the produce section!
Doesn't it look delicious?

Have you ever been to an A&P Show?
What is your favourite ride at the show?
What is your favourite type of jam?

Results Update!


  1. Dear B4
    Your art works are very good and neat!
    The jam looks very yum! i wont to eat it.
    I relly liked the beach island.

    from Caleb in B3

    1. Dear Caleb
      Thank you for your comment. We think you are good at writing comments.
      The children are happy that you liked their pictures.

      best wishes
      from B4

  2. Hi B4,
    I am a teacher at a school in Gore, Southland, NZ. I teach a wonderful wee bunch of year 2 children. I am really enjoying following your blog and seeing all of the cool things you get up to in your classroom! What fantastic art work you have created for the A and P Show - you are all amazing artists! Congratulations to those who won prizes! The slideshow you have created to display your art is fantastic. You have inspired me to create one too, however, I am trouble embedding it into my blogspot blog. Are you able to help me? Do I need to download it first?
    I look forward to reply!
    Keep being amazing kids!
    Miss McKenzie (Gore Main School)

    1. Dear Miss McKenzie
      Thank you for your compliments about the children's art works.
      I hope I can help you with your Photopeach slideshow.
      Once you have made your slideshow, you can hover the mouse on the right-hand side of the slideshow and some little icons will appear.
      Choose the little pencil icon, copy the embed code, and then paste it into your Blogger post.

      Good luck and happy blogging!
      Mrs McKenzie