Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Letter Home -100 Years Ago

An important event from New Zealand's history,
that we commemorate each year, 
is the campaign at Gallipoli during World War 1.
2015 is the centenary of the landing, which means it took place 100 years ago this year.

Our school was given a copy of a letter written home by a local soldier who was at Gallipoli.

The classes have been using the letter as a springboard for their inquiry into those events 100 years ago. 
Here is some of B4's inquiry with Mrs W:

Some of the children from our school who live nearby, took their learning a step further by making trenches in the grass pile at the weekend!

How might soldiers in World War 1 have helped and supported each other?
Why is it important to remember events like Gallipoli?

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  1. What fabulous learning you are doing! 100 years is very significant for us this year as not only is it 100 years of ANZAC, but our school turns 100 this year. It is our 'centenary'. Our school was opened not long before the end of the first world war. It is VERY different now! From B5 at Eastern Hutt :)