Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Don't be Afraid to Fail - Just Give It a Go!

Mrs McK and the students have had a first try at making a green-screen movie, using the Doink app for the ipad.

We filmed the dances that we've been developing using ideas from the story 'Hemi Dances'.

Each group had to make a dance to tell a story about our environment. 
Each group had to include:
high, medium or low levels
Each group member made up a move and taught it to the other group members.
The dances worked out very well.

Our first attempt at using green-screen hasn't worked out quite as well as we hoped, but that's okay!
We will learn from our mistakes, and next time we expect we will be more successful.

If you are new to using the Doink green-screen app, 

What will we do differently next time?

  • a much bigger background green-screen to dance in front of.
  • green-screen colour on the floor 
What new skill are you learning to master?

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