Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Teach the Teacher - Hand-milking Floss the Cow

In the third week of 'Teach the Teacher' we are shown how to hand-milk Floss the cow.

Have you ever hand-milked an animal?
Do you live on a farm? 
How do you milk your cows?
Is your milking shed a herringbone or a rotator shed?


  1. Dear Blake
    The milk is good. I love milk .
    by Ryan

  2. Dear B4
    I hope you liked my Teach the Teacher. The teat was warm when I pulled it gently. I like milk. I have milk with my toast.

    from Blake

  3. Dear Blake
    I live on a farm. You are so good at milking a cow. I love milk .
    from Ella

  4. Dear Blake
    Your teach the teacher is so so cool. I really like your teach the teacher and I like your farm.

    from RILEY

  5. Dear Blake
    I have hand milked a cow before. At the Kennedy's .I did not like it. Did you like it when you milked the cow?
    When I was milking the cow it sguirted at me. I did not drink the milk. because it was warm. I gave it to Mum. I think she liked it. I only had a drop of milk. the second time I hand milked it, it was disgusting. It felt sguishy and weird.
    Did you like it or did you not?
    You are good at hand malking.
    by Bonnie

  6. Dear Blake,
    I liked how you showed us how to hand milk a cow. If your milking shed is that big, how many cows would you have? I think we have 127 cows. I think I might try to hand milk a cow. You do want to be careful because the cow might kick YOU!!!
    On the rotator shed, my Dad told me that you SPIN the cows off the MACHINE!!! I'm guessing that you have 370 cows. Imagine if a dairy farm had 90,000 COWS!!!
    From Ben.

  7. To Blake Thank you for showing us how to hand milk a cow.
    I might try to hand milk our calf when it is old enough.
    At Sumervills farm Dad and Erill and somtims I go and feed the calf in the padick and pens.
    I love feeding calfs so much.
    Somtims it is even better than norrmil, because we get to see the cows getting milked.
    Their are 60 or under cups.
    The kind of milking shed it is a corcil kind.
    We have 9 cows.
    Girl cows are so yostfull because girl cows can be yosed for milking and boys only make the girls have babys.
    You are very good at hand milking cows.
    Con you tech me how to hand milk a cow.
    what is your favirite animal?
    how many cows do you have

    To Blake
    Thank you for showing us how to hand milk a cow. I love cows so much. On Sumervilles farm Dad and Arial feed calves. Sometimes I get to go feed the calves with Dad. How many cows do you have? I have 9 cows. Cows are so cute.
    How many cows do you have with names? Sometimes when I go, I get to see the cows getting milked.

    by Mary

  8. Dear Blake
    I haven't hand milked a cow.
    I do live on a farm and I like to go on the farm too.
    Our farm isn't a dairy farm though.
    Is it hard to hand milk a cow?
    If I hand milk a cow I probably wouldn't like it.
    I hope you like milking cows. We live on a deer farm.
    I think ages ago my dad worked on a dairy farm.
    I did like your Teach the Teacher. In fact, I think it was amazing.
    I like to drink flavoured milk and my favourite flavour is strawberry.
    Is the milk warm when comes from the cow?
    By Taylah

  9. Mrs McKenzie and B4
    What a great idea for a post! I am going to share this with my class tomorrow morning - we have such a wonderful thing in common - at our school 90% of our families are directly involved in Taranaki Dairy Farming so we have lots of students that have milked cows by hand and I know some of our families have rotator sheds! I am going to do a survey and come back tomorrow with the responses!
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

  10. Dear Blake
    I cant be on a farm. I don"t like it so I don"t live there. I will make sure I do not go there ever again then I will stay away. I never like to do it myself but I do not go there ever so that I can"t do milking cows. I do not like to do that.

    from Joshua

  11. Dear B4
    I have always wanted to live on a dairy farm but there is a problem because my dad will kill the pigs and the cows and my mum is allergic to horses.

    from Ayla

  12. Wow! 5 of us have milked a cow. 1 of us hasn't seen a cow in real life at all! You are lucky to live in the country.
    From Mrs P & Room B5, Eastern Hutt School :)