Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Aspire- Follow Your Dreams

One of our school values is 
which means to work for or work towards something you want; to pursue something you dream about.

We had a visitor today who talked to the children about following their dreams. 
Our visitor, John Bougen decided a few years ago he would like to visit every one of the 247 nations and territories of the world. 
To date, he has been to 230 of them!

John talked to us today about his travels, and taught us some geography at the same time.

What is your dream?
What will you need to do to achieve it?

Can you name the continents of the world?

1 comment:

  1. Wow that is an impressive amount of travelling! How interesting to hear his stories and find out about the world around us.

    Akshaya's dream is to be a doctor. She would like to travel to different countries.

    Amy would like to visit South Africa, this is where her family come from.

    Yusra would like to go to Burma and ride a pony there! Yusra's family are Burmese.

    Emma would like to be a doctor and work in China when she is older.

    Harry would like to be a farmer, he would like to visit Russia because it snows there a lot and his Uncle lives there.

    Jacob would like to be a soldier and travel the world with the NZ Army.

    Mugundhan would like to be a pilot and he would fly all over the world! If he can't be a pilot he would like to be an Air Steward. He especially wants to go to Sydney and Auckland!