Monday, June 6, 2016

Students from Auroa School Investigate Our Soil Question

In our Secrets of the Soil posts, here and here, we asked what the soil is like where YOU live.

Mr Webb and the Rm 3 students from Auroa School on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand 

Now we will have to compare notes.

 Do you think soil from the west coast of the North Island will  be similar to soil from the west coast of the South Island?


  1. Dear B4
    My mum helped me dig up the soil. The way that I looked at the sample, I thought that two were clay and the other one loamy. While my mum was walking, a sample dropped out of her hand. When mum got inside, she labeled the bags and put the bags into a bucket, one by one.


  2. Dear B4
    The three soils I have, two were clayey, one loamy. They feel yuck as. Each person in the class got soil from their gardens and brought them to school.

    warm wishes

  3. Today I’m going to tell you about my soil. My soil is clayey and silty and sandy. Sometimes you can put it in a ball. Sometimes you can’t. In my sandy one you can feel some rocks and pebbles too. With the clayey one it is easy to roll into a ball.

    From Aston

  4. I dug soil from my garden to bring to school, to find out what kind of soil it was. I had silty soil.

    By Maxwell

  5. I got soil samples from my garden, one was sandy, two were silty.

    From Ashton

  6. Two of my soil were loamy. Do you know how I know it was loamy? We tasted the soil. I had fun. We had to roll the soil into a ball. My soil was dry. Mrs W poured a little bit of water.

    From Bethany

  7. My first soil was clayey, my second was loamy and my other 1 was loamy. We rolled it into a ball to see if it stayed together.

    By Brooke

  8. My type of soil was silty. Do you know how I knew what to do? My teacher told me if it is dry you can put your hand up and she put a little bit of water in, and after doing that you can see if it is sticky or sandy.

    By Hayley

  9. My soil was sandy. I could not roll it into a ball. Ella had loamy soil. She could roll it into a ball. We got homework. My first soil sample was sandy. We had homework to take home. my mum digged the soil up for me. It was fun homework. After digging up the soil, mum put the soil in to bags.

    by Jarna.

  10. The soil is clayey and silty.

    from Jason

  11. My soil is clayey. I know it is clayey because l remember it was sticky. I love playing with sticky stuff.

    By Keisha

  12. My 3 soils are sandy and silty and sandy i. My 2 sample is silty. My 3 sample is sandy. We tried to roll into a ball.

    From Sienna