Sunday, August 19, 2018


In science the class are finding out about fish.

Establishing prior knowledge:

Examining one of the hoki which was kindly donated to us by a fishery in Westport:
(thanks to Ros for completing the dissection after school for us, so we could cook and eat the fish the next day!)

The gills:

 The backbone:

Fish have teeth:

Have you ever been fishing?
What did you observe when you looked at the fish?


  1. dear B4
    I think that we did a great job of cooking the fish and trying the fish.The fish was about 100 cm or lower. We had to use two chopping boards to look at the fish and feel it.
    On Friday we cooked the fish up. All of the B4 people got a job to help with the fish.
    bye for now

  2. Dear B4
    We were cutting our fish up so we could look inside it and eat it.
    When it was cooked we gave some to the other classes.
    Some people touched the guts.

    from Amy.

  3. Dear B4
    Thank you for tasting the fish and holding parts of the fish.

    from Sophie f

  4. dear B4
    I have been fishing. I got a snapper. I ate the snapper.

    by Henare

  5. Dear B4
    I saw my Dad kill an eel and a fish and a brown trout.

    by Reria

  6. Dear B4
    I have been fishing in the sea. My Dad got a shark but he had to throw the fish back to sea.

    by Cameron

  7. Dear B4
    B4 went across the swing bridge. B4 had fun.
    I had fun too. Then B4 went back to school.

    by Jacob

  8. Dear B4
    I have not been fishing.
    I like the fish.

    by Adarsh

  9. Dear B4
    We went on a walk on a swing bridge with B4

  10. Dear B4
    I have been fishing with my brother on my nan's swing bridge. It is really fun. We never catch any though.

    by Geordy

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