Thursday, March 18, 2010

Community volunteers

Mr Fortune came in to our class to talk about being a community volunteer. One of the things he does is to be part of the Inangahua Silver Band.
Do you know what else he does?


  1. Mr fortune came in to our class he played a few tunes. He told us what mountains he climbed. He also told us what Reefton used to look like.

  2. I like the vidio of mr Fortune playing the tuba.

  3. Mr fortune played the tuba the people played on Inangahua
    silver band do you know it. they have beautiful notes
    at the community volunteers they play the music
    they do it 10 time they don't knock people on the band
    the volunteers are cool from mihihea rangihika

  4. Mr Fortune was in the band and he played the paino and he played his tuba.