Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mufti Day -Cartoon characters

Today is mufti day. We are raising money for the Jill McBride Trust, which helps children and teenagers on the West Coast.
We had to dress up as a favourite cartoon character.
Watch out for our photos of the lunchtime disco.


  1. I really think that making mufti day really fun was a good idea because I never had mufti day in north island. I am in that pitcher and I am wearing a witch costume and a witch hat. by krystal.

  2. I thank it looks grat in our Mufte cloths i thank every one looks awsome from Rosealeigha

  3. Im dressed up like Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty wears some tights,
    some shoes, a top and a skirt. She skates and rolls,
    and lets people out of Kittyville. Its perfect. from Mihihea Rangihika