Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vampire Slime and Mucus Slime

2KM and 2KJ@Leopold in Australia have been making Oobleck. We commented on their blog page and told them about making Oobleck, and about our Vampire slime and other slimes. We got lots of comments back, so we are giving them some recipes. We hope they have lots of fun with the slimes. We wonder which one will be their favourite.

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You need:

½ cup of cornflour Red food colouring

1 ½ cups of water a frying pan

measuring cups a stirring spoon


Mix all the ingredients in a frying pan. We used an electric frypan.

Heat the mixture slowly, stirring continuously.

Once the mixture is thick, stop stirring. Allow it to cool.

Handle at ‘blood’ temperature.

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You need:

2 teaspoons of Lux flakes a few drops of food colouring

2 cups of very hot water a mixing bowl

a measuring cup a stirring spoon


Mix all ingredients together vigorously.

Your mixture will bubble and foam. Watch it flow over the table, slipping and sliding.

It will clean up your table and your hands. (But it will mess up your clothes).


  1. We made vamp slime & mucus slime last term when I had my day off. It was gooey and maybe fun?

  2. Dear B4,
    I heard about your vampire slime and mucus slime. It sounds really fun!! We made oobleck at first it started slimmy then a bit longer after that it was all hard. And then you had to dig into it with your hands to make it not hard anymore. Did you enjoy making vampire slim, mucus slime and oobleck? Which one is your favourite one to make?
    From Jazmin at Leopold Primary School!

  3. Dear Mrs McKenzie and class,

    What a great post about "Vampire Slime" and "Mucus Slime"!
    Did you have fun playing around with it?

    Thank you so much for writing the recipe on the blog so we can do it at school or home! It was so kind!

    Maybe on the weekend when I am bored, or maybe on the holidays, I can do it at home [Well, if Mum will let me!].

    Which would you say is the grossest? Vampire Slime, or Mucus Slime?
    Where did you get the idea from, to make them? Also, where did you get the recipe from?

    Hope you had fun using Vampire Slime and Mucus Slime!
    your blogging buddy,
    Sophie :)

  4. Dear Open the door to B4,

    Thank you for this wonderful post!
    Hopefully some people will try to make the slime!

    Now I have some questions for you,
    How long does it take to make the slimes?
    What is your favourite slime?
    Is the slimes sticky?

    I think my favourite slime would be Vampire slime. I think Mucus slime would be cool too but I think Vampire slime is a bit better!

    Rhiannon (2KM)

  5. I like mucus slime the best.

  6. Hi there everyone in B4. We loved making the Oobleck this week for Science Week. We also did the dancing sultanas and the swirling colours in milk. We researched famous scientists and we presented our information as a project for the corridor. We even found out about some scientists who are not famous such as the doctor who lead the team that separated Krishna and Trishna the conjoined twins. We learnt to wonder...and ask why? We loved the questions that our preps were wondering about.
    Why do stars twinkle?
    What would come out of Humpty Dumpty's egg?
    It is lovely to share our blogs. Have you tried Fish Market on FUSE?
    Regards, MLY and Mrs Lynch