Saturday, September 4, 2010


Did you feel the earthquake this morning at 4.35am?
It was a 7.1 quake centred near Christchurch.
What did you do? I hopped out of bed and stood in the doorway until it stopped!
I wonder if Mr McKenzie felt it underground in the coalmine. I will find out when he gets home soon.
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What should we have in our disaster kits?
Here is the link to the Civil Defence website.


  1. Mr McKenzie says that he didn't feel the earthquake because he was at the coal-face cutting coal, but his workmate who was sitting down having a cup of tea felt it. Alex said it felt like a rolling cushion.

  2. Hello Mrs McKenzie,
    It's good to know that you are safe and sound. The earthquake is headline news in Australia and we are all thinking of you. We hope all the students are safe and secure as well.
    Mrs Lynch and MLY.

  3. hi, it's tristan's mom here. we were in a deep sleep when the earthquake happened..i was shocked when my husband told me this morning about the news and he even showed me the photos..i feel so worried, scared and sad..

  4. Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

    I heard about the earthquake in the news. I hope your husband is okay!

    In 1994, I experienced the Northridge earthquake which was a magnitude of 6.7, and it was really rolling! 7.1 is even more intense! At the time, my husband lived in Northridge and all of his kitchen cupboards emptied on to the floor. The shelving unit holding the t.v. fell over, and many homes around his were destroyed. In my neighborhood, about 30 minutes away, many people's chimneys fell over!

    Glad you're okay!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    P.S. Ryan, a student in my third grade class, commented back to you on our Welcome Back post! :-)

  5. Dear Mrs Lynch, Mrs Yollis and Tristan's mum
    Thank you for your comments. It is so amazing that there were no tragic injuries in Christchurch.
    The earthquake didn't even happen on our major fault line, so it came as more of a surprise.
    It's a good warning to make sure that our homes are prepared with disaster kits.
    from Mrs McKenzie

  6. I was not here. I was in the north island and it was hail.

  7. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and class,

    I read about the earthquake on your blog. I heard it was bad. We have a lot of earthquakes in California. I've only felt two since we moved to California, but they weren't big. I felt a little shake under the ground and I was a little scared at first. Were you scared? How long did the earthquake last? Did it destroy any buildings?

    Tucker (Mrs. Yollis' student)