Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Pet Day pictures

Well done to everyone who took part and helped to make the day so much fun.


  1. Wow! How impressive your pet day is!
    I like the way you have crafts as well.
    We have our craft day on a separate day.
    You had lots of different pets. I loved the turtle!
    What was the story with the decorated bikes?
    Putting the photos into a slide show was a great idea!
    We have our pet day tomorrow.
    We are so excited!
    Mrs Watson and the Springston Explorers

  2. Hi B4,

    Your Pet Day is amazing! We have our Agricultural Day coming up on the 13th of November. We have farm animal competitions, and a domestic pets section. Other activities are flower arrangements, sand saucers, mini scenes, baking, and art, so all quite similar to what your school does.

    This year we are making Christmas decorations and cards to sell on the day to make some money for our end of year trip, in addition to a sausage sizzle, cake stall, and face painting. We liked the idea of a bike run. Was it a competition for best decorated bike?

    We will post some photos of our day on our blog - we really enjoyed looking at yours. Some of the baking looked like it defied gravity!

    Mrs Bismark and Room 1 at Tokomaru School

  3. PS: Thanks for the stars :)

    Mrs Bismark and Room 1 at Tokomaru School

  4. Mrs McKenzie and class B4November 3, 2010 at 6:09 AM

    Dear Mrs Watson (Springfield) and Mrs B
    Pet Day and Agriculture Days are such a great New Zealand tradition aren't they?

    The bike race is for Year 7-12 students. They bike over a course of several kilometres from school to a bridge out country, and then back. It is held earlier in the day, before Pets Day properly starts.

    The decorated bikes are for the younger students to enter, and they ride the bikes in the grand parade.

    Hope your schools have great days too.

    Mrs M♔Kenzie

  5. Your Pet Day looked fantastic with the variety of pets on show. There must be a lot of creative people in your school community with all the imaginative items, I especially liked the dice cake.

    MR T @ Burnham School

  6. Hi my name is Imogen from Burnham school.We had a pet day too. Your pet's are cool.

  7. Hi my name is Harley from Burnham school.It looked like you had great fun at pet day. How nice was cake , Reffton school?

  8. Mrs McKenzie and class B4November 4, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    Dear Mr T, Imogen and Harley
    Thanks for your pets day comments.
    We really liked looking at the cakes too, but we didn't get to eat any, the children who made them took them home at the end of the day!

    The dice cake was made by one of our Year 12 girls. She really likes making interesting cakes.

    from Mrs McKenzie

  9. Looks like you had a fantastic Pet Day B4!
    I was amazed at all the different animals you brought to show your friends.

    From Rachel
    Teacher, Rm 4, Waiuku Primary School, Southern Auckland

  10. Dear B4,

    If I could bring a pet to school it would be my dog Jed. I think it was a good idea to have pet day. I wish my school had pet day.

    Sam C. in Mr.Salsich's class

  11. Dear Sam C
    I brought my bunny to pets day.

    from Stevie