Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Visiting Author

Mark Laurent is a New Zealand author. He wrote this picture book called 'Rufus and the Rain'.
Brenda read us the story.

Rufus told Wind not to bring Cloud, but it wasn't long before he realised that clouds are necessary to give shade and to bring the rain.
Rufus had to say something to Wind that is sometimes hard for people to say.

Do you know what that hard word was?

What happened when Cloud wasn't there?

Mark also writes poetry and songs. He sang three songs and we got to join in. This one was about the trees.

Can you imagine living in a world with no trees? 
How would that affect us?

Here is a Youtube link to 'Rufus and the Rain' 
And another to Mark's song about Rufus 


  1. I like rufus and the rain the story it is a cool book and rufus is cool too

  2. I really liked your soing. and your sorey

  3. Rufuf is just like me ♥

  4. Dear JiaJia
    What a clever girl you are to find the heart code and use it. Well done. ☆
    I was wondering how Rufus is just like you?

    from Mrs M♔K

  5. Hi,Mrs Mckenzie,

    Just to say my thoughts are with Reefton and the wider West Coast

    Mr Thurlow

  6. There would be no paper so we would not! be able to write or not anything! from Dyl♥n

  7. I w♣nt on youtube and found th♦ Rufus song.