Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tooth Tally

We've drawn our pictures of the Tooth Fairy 
and we've started our February chart.
So far, we have children with wobbly teeth, and children who are waiting.

We think Sam's tooth will be the first one to come out for February.

Are your teeth wobbly, or are you waiting?


  1. Dear B4,
    You are such great artists! I love the pictures of your Tooth Fairies. Sam's tooth definitely looks wobbly. I wonder how many days it will be until it falls out.

    Mrs. W

  2. Hi Mrs McKenzie and B4.
    You look like you have been having fun with the tooth tally too! What fantastic drawings B4 - You must have read the description carefully to do such a good job. The children in K/1D drew their tooth fairies today and they did a wonderful job too. We can't wait for some of out wibbly, wobbly teeth to start falling out!
    Ms Dowling and K/1D

  3. Hi B4 you have done ausome work in class this year and you are learning realy hard.