Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome to our quad blogging buddies

This week it is our turn to be visited by our quad-blogging buddies:

You might like to listen to and add to our Voicethreads:
'Meet Us' and 'Our School'.

Use our tag cloud to find other popular posts such as Pets Day, Repertory and Oobleck!

Last week Mr Salsich's class were hoping that they would finally get to 2000 comments 
since their blog started. 

This week we hope that you will help us to achieve 900 comments since our blog started. 
We are up to 841!


  1. Dear B4,

    I am so excited that it is your week to be featured! You will have a lot of fun getting lots of visits and lots of comments. I am sure you will reach your goal of 900 comments.

    We will definitely listen to your Voicethreads again and tell you a little information about where we live.

    I have a question for you: I have heard that in some parts of New Zealand students don't have to wear shoes in school. Is that true? Do you ever have class without your shoes on?

    I look forward to learning lots more about you this week!

    From your blogging buddy,
    Mr. Salsich

  2. Dear Mrs. M♔Kenzie and B4,

    It is exciting to meet another quad-blogging class! We will check out your Meet Us and Our School posts when we are back at school tomorrow. (It is Sunday afternoon right now in Los Angeles.)

    Have a great week and you never know...Mrs. Y♥llis might just pop in again to see how her friends are doing! :-)

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. To Mrs McKenzie and B4,

    We hope you make it to 900 comments this week.

    We are really enjoying learning about blogging and are looking forward to getting to know you all better.

    At school we play with our Beyblades. Do you know what they are? We also play football, cricket and soccer on the oval at recess and lunch time. What games do you play?

    From your blogging buddies,
    Andrew and Ryley

  4. @ Mrs McKenzie,

    I like how you do your voice messages.

    I live in Australia and am in 2KM. At our school we have over 700 children and go from prep to grade 6. What's it like having grades from year 1 to year 13 all in 1 school?

    Jarrod (2KM) :lol:

  5. Dear Mrs McKenzie and B4,

    How do you know when you get 900 comments on your blog? Is there somewhere on the blog that tells you? Why choose 900? Aim big go for 1000!

    My name is Amelie and I am in 2KM. I am looking forward to writing you a postcard and receiving your flat people soon.

    From your blogging buddy Amelie(2KM)

  6. Dear Mrs McKenzie and B4,

    Firstly, I just wanted to let you know that Andrew and Ryley are from 2KM and 2KJ. They forgot to say that.

    We really enjoyed exploring your blog today! We all started drafting a comment on paper that we want to type on your blog when we go to the computer room on Wednesday.

    We think you're going to get 900 comments this week!

    Your quad blogging buddy,
    Mrs M☀rris

  7. @ Mrs Mckenzie,

    My name is alana and i am in 2KM. I really like the quad bloging budds! What do you like about the quad bloging budds?

    best wishs,
    Alana :)

  8. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4,

    We are Iman, Lindsay, and Grace from Mrs. Yollis' class. We are so excited to be quad-blogging with you! Our favorite part about it so far is that we are interacting with other classes from around the world

    By the way, we wanted to compliment all of you, because you just started, and you are really good! That is speaking from the truth.

    What is the temperature today?


    Iman, Lindsay, and Grace

  9. Dear B4,

    I think having a class mascot is a good idea. We have 2 class mascots. There names are "Juan Pablo & Perezoso."

    I voted for PachuPichu as a name for your Parott

    in Mr. Salsich's class

  10. Dear B4,

    I am in 2KM. My name is Quinn. I really like your post. I like doing lots of school work.


  11. Dear B4,

    Were you scared when you felt the ground shake?

    I hope you get 900 comments!

    My favourite sport is football.


  12. Dear B4 and B3,

    I really enjoyed your pet post.

    I wish I could bring my dog to


  13. Dear B4 and B3,

    Why do you have pet day?

    I hope you get 900 comments.

    I also like your Flat Stanleys.

    Ella from 2KJ

  14. Dear B4 and B3,

    Why do you have pets day?
    I like your Flat Stanleys!
    2KM and 2KJ really like
    your blog!

    Best wishes,
    Keira and Kayla in 2KJ ♥

  15. Dear Mrs McKenzie, B4 and B3,

    Hi my name is Millie and I am in 2KM.

    My favourite sport is netball.
    Our Australian animals are Koalas, Wombats, Kangaroo and Platypus too.
    The topic we are doing food.

    What is your favourite sport?
    What are your New Zealand animals?
    What topic are you studing now?
    What are your favourite foods?

    Your pal,


  16. Dear B4 and B3,

    Hi my name is Ryley I am from 2KM.

    I enjoy looking at all your posts. I enjoy reading,runing,and riding my bike. What do you like to do? What is the weather like there?


  17. Dear B4

    I enjoy looking at all of your videos. I am in 2KM. What is the weather like in New Zealand? What is the season? The season here is Autunm. The weather here is sort of cold.


  18. Dear Mrs McKenzie,

    I am in 2KJ.

    I enjoyed the Flat Stanley project.

    I have two cats, their names are Possum and Jessie.

    My favourite sport is soccer.


  19. Hi B4,

    My name Harry, I am in 2KJ.

    I like football.
    I like the Flat Stanley project.


  20. Dear B4,

    It is fun geting to know you.

    I think doing this project is a great idea, do you? Your Flat Stanleys are going to have lots of fun.

    Bye for now see you soon,

  21. @ Mrs McKenzie and B4,

    Hi my name is Chloe and I am from 2KM.

    I really enjoy your blog it's great

    I have a question for you. What do you like about the Flat Stanley Project?

    Your friend,
    Chloe 2KM

  22. Dear Mrs McKenzie and class,

    We are really enjoying your class blog this term.
    We can`t wait to leave a comment on your class blog. We enjoyed the Flat Stanley project. Our favourite thing on the class blog is leaving a comment. What's your favourite? We also enjoy looking at all of the blogs from all around the world. That's our favourite thing to do.

    Love Meg and Eb

  23. we are learning stuff and it is fun to learn and you have to listen to the teacher because if you didn't listen to the teacher you didn't know what to do

    By Ganda

  24. i like keas because keas are fun. My mum looked at the comment.
    from joberth.

  25. Dear Ryley
    I like reading, running and riding my bikes too. I enjoy sport. I like soccer. I like blogging as well. What sports do you like?
    I like fruit and lollies. What do you like to eat?
    My birthday is in February 16th. What date is your birthday?
    I like playing army. What do you like playing? I like to play Lego too. Do you?

    best wishes

  26. Dear B4,

    Hi, my name is Mia and I am in 2KM.

    I hope you get to your goal.

    I am enjoying the quad blogging because I get to learn about other classes and learn from them.

    Hope to hear from you soon,