Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Storybird Collaboration with Canada

This term we have been working on collaborative writing with our buddies
We used the Storybird site and have worked in
pairs or threes to create our stories.
There were lots of things we had to think about to collaborate successfully.
We learned to re-read the story each time it came back, so that our next page
would fit in.
We had to choose pictures that went with the story, and our story had to make sense.
Our stories have been embedded on our wiki pages.
Please click on the links to read our stories.
We hope you enjoy them.
 by Spike, Alex and Justin

 by Tyla and Jordan

 by Jack and Dante

 by Ganda and Silkence

 by Jonathon and Oceana

 by Paige and Sahara

 by Lily and Lily

 by Lukah and Karin

 by Dylan, Kayden and Fay

 by Stevie, Teagan and Ana

 by Neil and Sophie

 by Holly and Quang

Thank you Mrs Watson's class. 
We really enjoyed writing with our fabulous buddies and we love our stories!

What did YOU enjoy most about writing the Storybirds together?


  1. Dear Awesome posters,

    Wow. amazing titles! You guys are so good at making story birds. Could you tell Jonathan that I am wodering how he thought up such a good title? Thanks.

    Your friend, Oceana

  2. Dear B4,

    I wish we could do our story bird again! because, it is fun to make a story, choose a picture, and talk about it.


  3. Dear b4
    Wow the storybird's went good and look's cool too,
    from nikki

  4. Dear b4
    Wow Ganda 's storybird look's cool I woder how she done it?

  5. Dear B4 and Mrs. Watson's Class,

    Wow! Intercontinental collaboration on writing! You are techie rock stars, for sure.

    I enjoyed reading your stories, especially the spooky ones. I always love to be scared! I thought the fairy story had especially beautiful graphics.

    Next year, I am going to use Storybird with my third graders. Thank you for sharing such a cool Web 2.0 tool, as well as the idea of using a Wiki to collaborate.

    Mrs. Kistler
    A Summer Breakin' 49'er

  6. Dear B4,

    Hi my name is Eb I am in 2KM and 2KJ at Leopold Primary School. We have been writing our own stories in my class. I love making up stories,writing about them and drawing pictures. I also love reading them to my little brother.

    Your Pal,

  7. Dear EB
    The earthqake has apinrd in christchuch.

    thak you for your comment

    fome kayden

  8. Dear Mrs Kistler
    We like your blog. At home my mum maked me do my own story bird. Which part of the word do you live in?

    your friend Tyla

  9. dear oceana

    i have thieking about the sentence all day long. we hope we skype.

    from Jonathon

  10. Dear B4
    I love your story birds. I have done some as well.
    From Paul

  11. Dear B4,

    Your Storybirds are really cool!
    My class has also done Storybird.

    Well Done!

    Keep up the great work!

    Natalie :lol:

  12. Dear Open the door to B4

    Those Story Birds sound great.We're using Story Bird too:)

    from Azzudien:)

  13. Dear b4
    I think b4 know a lot of the food

    best wishes Lukah

  14. Dear Oceana

    Why didn'tt you write a comment back to me? We hope we skype with you .

    warm wishes Jonathon .

  15. In the weekend I went to the river and I went down the rapids, but I got stopped by a big log and then I got out.

    by Spike

  16. Dear B4
    Our grade has done StoryBird too!
    They look amazing!
    Keep it up,
    ♥ Tia and 3/4G

  17. Dear B4,

    What great Story Birds!:roll:
    My class also did Story Birds!
    I couldn't pick a favorite story.
    Keep up the great work!


  18. Dear Tayla
    We like your blog.
    When did you do
    your story bird
    and where do you

    your friend Tyl♥

  19. I

    Dear B4
    I think that all our storybirds are cool. Do you know how many storybirds we have?

    from Liam

    by Liam

  20. Dear b4

    Our story bird is cool. I wish we could do it again. My story bird is called 'Ganda and Silkence Super hero.'

    from Ganda.

  21. Your story birds were awesome!!!!!

  22. Dear Liam

    there are 16 story birds.