Friday, June 10, 2011

Postcards from the Planets

An update about the 'alien'.

If you remember, at the start of term we found some 
We then started receiving messages from an alien 
who had crash-landed on the moon.
We found out that he was very smart, could move fast, see well and could make things.
He asked about our planet and the planets in

Since then we have been receiving postcards from the planets!
It turns out, the alien has been planet-hopping through our solar system 
to get back to his own galaxy.
Check out our postcards:

Postcards from the Planets on PhotoPeach

The alien's final message arrived from Pluto.
He told us that he could see the stars beyond Pluto and now he knew the way home.
He thanked us for our help in getting him through the solar system, and said goodbye.
Goodbye alien. We hope you get home safely!

Because the alien crash-landed on our moon, there are three planets that he did not visit.
Which planets were missed out?


  1. Dear B4.
    I now the plant were missing are Mcrury Earth Venus.

    From Ganda.

  2. Dear b4
    The planet is missing is Mercury Earth and Venus.

    from Tyla

  3. Dear B4
    I play with masn and nathan and loce and marcs and me
    and we

  4. Dear B4
    The alien mist mercery venes and earth.

  5. Dear b4,

    The alien missed Mercury, Venus,Earth,Sol(the Sun),other moons our mystery planet and the belts.

    Do you know what is our mystery planet?
    If you know what it is what is it?
    How many belts(in space) can you think of?
    What are the belts or belt called?
    what is the biggest star?

    good luck from tristan

    P.S. i'll answer them later.

  6. Dear Paul
    thank you for the comment it was good

    best wishes Nikki.

  7. Thank you for telling us about the alien. Thank you for sharing your message on our blog.