Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mrs Yollis' Class starts a New School Year

Our quad-blogging buddy Mrs Yollis is back at school with a brand new Grade 3 class.
Mrs Yollis and her students live in Los Angeles, California.
Their summer is ending and a new school year has begun.

Most of Mrs Yollis' students are new to blogging and they are learning how to write great comments.

Last year Mrs Yollis' students were great role-models for us in 

Now we get the chance to be role-models!

Why don't you head on over to Mrs Yollis' blog and leave the class a welcoming comment.
Be sure to show that YOU know how to make a great comment.
Don't forget to say who you are and where you are from.


  1. Dear friends in B4,

    Thanks so much for the terrific welcome back! We have been in school for almost one week, but everything is still very new. Blogging is new to most, so we would love to have some comments from you!

    What advice could you give to new bloggers?

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Hi Mrs. Yollis

    From your third grader Jake S.

  3. Dear b4
    i think the schools library is the only one in this school

    by jo♥athon