Thursday, August 4, 2011

Solving Math Problems using a Graphic Organiser

As part of the Key Competency of 'Thinking', we've been reviewing the use of graphic organisers.
We use them while reading and in our topic work.
We also used a graphic organiser to help us solve the maths problems that our friends in
have written, based on 
the fairy tales they are learning about.
People like to solve problems in different ways, so our graphic organiser has spaces to: draw a picture or diagram, use real things, to write a word problem, and to write an equation. 

Thanks P-1-2, we enjoyed solving some of your math problems.
B4 children and others, post your own math problem as a comment!


  1. Dear B4,

    What terrific work you have all been doing in Maths! I just love that you got your problems off P-2 @ Harston. It is fun to learn with our friends around the world.

    This week in 2KM and 2KJ, we have been doing some subtraction stories.

    Here is a story for you

    There were 43 students in 2KM and 2KJ. 13 of them went to New Zealand to visit their friends in B4. How many were left in 2KM and 2KJ?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    PS - wouldn't it be fun if this subtraction story was really true!

  2. Hi B4,
    It was a lovely surprise this morning to see that you had been using our maths work for your maths work.

    I really liked your graphic organisers. They are a great way to see maths problems in different ways.

    Mrs Morris is very right - it is lovely to learn with our friends around the world.

    from Mrs W

    P.S. Do you think when the students from 2KM and 2KJ come to visit you in New Zealand, I could come with them?

  3. hi B4 we have been subtracting hundreds. Do you know what 800-684?

    from jiajia

  4. Dear B4,

    What a terrific use of a graphic organizer! My classes have used them for social studies and for reading, but never in this way using it as word problem, equation, and diagram/picture. Another great thing to share when school start here in a few weeks!

    I am a visual person and often draw pictures to solve problem. However, it is a good idea to think about it in other ways too. It stretches the mind!

    Here is a word problem for you:

    Mrs. Yollis was snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean. A school of butterflyfish was swimming nearby. There were 15 butterflyfish in the school. Then an orangespine unicorn fish joined the group along with 3 yellow tangs. How many fish did Mrs. Yollis see?

    Thanks for the link to the great post by P-2@Harston in Australia. Like Mrs. Morris said, it's so much fun to learn from one another!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  5. Dear Jiajiia
    No I do not know that Jaijia.Do you Know me Paige I was your friend in NZ.I was your friend for a long long time are you coming back to NZ.
    your pal Paige

  6. Dear b4
    We had a fun skype session. Did you have fun doing the skype session?
    from Ned @ Harston

  7. To B-4'S
    Thank you for skyping with us. We all had fun guessing who you guys are and I hope you did to.
    from Tessa at harston

  8. to b4
    did you have fun at the skype session .
    fom nadia @ Harston

  9. Dear the B4
    to day we are going do P.E. with the school. In the school we have 22 student.
    harston is a little school. The skype session was fun. thank you B4.
    The big class is making billy carts is fun.
    my name is Brayden I am from new zaeland. I lived in the north Island in Wokitrne on a dairy farm. On the farm we had 3 motorbike.
    by Brayden at harston.

  10. to b4
    thank you for the skype session.
    Kasey from harston primiy SHCKL.

  11. Dear B4
    we had fun to have a skyping session.
    fome Ethan @ Harston

  12. To b4. Thack you for the mystery skype session. It was fun. from Erick @ Harston

  13. thack yuo for solving our mystre and it wos fun.
    from Charli @Harston

  14. to b4
    that was fun. i had fun dowin the skype session.
    did yuo hav fun?
    from sophie @ Harston

  15. Dear mrs Mckenzie and B4.
    It was really nice having a mystery skype session.We had lots of fun.
    Good job on finding out who we are.
    I hope we do more stuff with you.
    From Georgia at Harston.

  16. Dear Mrs Yollis

    15 + 1 + 3 = 19

    12 times 12 = 144 New Zealand

    by Jonathon

  17. Dear b4
    I have a word problem. 99 people were at school and 41 went home early. How many people were left.

    by Tyla

  18. Dear b4

    The maths problems were cool.
    I have a maths problem for you. There were 10 cows and 6 went away. How many cows are left?

    from Ganda

  19. Dear b4
    I think the graphic organiser is better instead of writing everywhere. The graphic organiser is fantastic .

    by Tyl☆