Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Water of Life

B4 have been doing Science for topic with 
Mrs Webb and Mr Cook this term. 
Our theme is 'Water of Life'.
Today was a perfect day to learn about water!

Mrs Webb taught the children this song about the water cycle -

Join in and sing with us!

Have you ever studied the water cycle?
What do you know about the water cycle?
Why is it important to look after the earth's water?


  1. Dear B4,
    What a fantastic song! I love to use songs to help me remember all sorts of things. I find that I will even remember the song years later. In grade 2/3 we love learning new songs.

    Last year we studied the water cycle as well. You might like this YouTube of a really catchy song about the water cycle. .

    Do you use songs to help you remember other things in school?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. W

  2. I always use songs to help children with oral skills. We never studied the water cycle, my students are beginners, but I will use this song thanks for sharing greetings from Italy

  3. Hello B4,

    Many times my classes and I have studied the Water Cycle. It's so important to life on Earth.

    Even the most contaminated (nasty) water can be made clean as water evaporates into the air, condenses into clouds and rains back down.

    Imagine if we all had to drink bad water. We'd be sick. That's why it's so important to keep our water clean once it falls as rain or snow.

    My first full time teaching job was in a school in western NSW, Australia. It was 100km (62.5 miles for those not familiar with km) from a town and was set up for children from sheep and cattle properties.

    The school itself was on a clay pan. That meant it was dry and flat when there was no rain but could become very slippery if wet. Below is a picture of it in 1981 if you are allowed to see it.

    For most of the two years I was in the school, we were in drought. The water tanks were low and children weren't able to waste precious water. When it did rain, the ground became slippery and the car in the picture would act like it was on ice when I drove it. Within two weeks of rain, the whole area would be fields of beautiful green grass with sheep and kangaroos grazing everywhere.

    The Water Cycle was so very important to life out there.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  4. Dear B4,

    What a terrific song! Not only can you learn from it, but your singing and movements were fantastic!

    It is fall/autumn here in the northern hemisphere, and so we have had some precipitation lately. Last week it rained all day! I don't really mind that part of they water cycle because my husband will usually build a fire on rainy days. It is so pleasant to sit by the fire and watch the rain come down outside.

    What do you do when it rains?

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  5. Dear Mrs Yollis
    On rainy days we play games at lunchtime in the gym with anyone like the big kids and little kids. We play inside and play with the blocks and play teachers and vets. We look at our blogs and read books and do maths games we like.

    warm wishes from Nikki and Matthew B4