Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Playing Bamboo, Switch and Global Tag

One of the themes the classes have posted about on 
the 'Our World, Our Stories' blog 
is favourite recess games.
Mrs Yollis' class in California showed us all how they play a game called 'Bamboo' on the parallel bars.

In a type of global tag, the post got our friends in Mrs Watson's 2/3 class in Canada 
thinking about how they could adapt the game to suit their taller parallel bars.
Their new version is called 'Switch'.

Next to play the game was a class at 2KM/2KJ's school. 
Even the teacher, Mrs deVries had a go!

Today we went out and played on our parallel bars. 
Our bars are tall (and wider), so we played the Canadian version 'Switch'.

It was quite tricky, but a lot of fun.

Tag, you're in!
Leave us a comment - did you play Bamboo or Switch?

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