Friday, December 2, 2011

Picnic at Slab Hut Creek.

We enjoyed an end-of-year picnic at Slab Hut creek.
We went on a bush walk beside the river, 
ate our picnic lunch, 
played frisbee rounders, had a scavenger hunt and 
got to play at the creek.
What a perfect day!

Thank you to the parents who came with us.

What was your favourite part of the day?


  1. What a fantastic day you've had. Aren't we so lucky that we live in such a beautiful country where we can enjoy the great outdoors? I bet the creek was fun but I bet it was cold as well.

  2. Wow! What a lucky class you are. I wish I was at your picnic. I love being in the bush.
    From Mrs Eden Richmond School.

  3. Dear B4,

    Wow! I really enjoyed seeing the slide show of your trip to Slab Hut Creek! What a lovely place! After watching it, I felt like I was there with you. The sausages sure looked tasty! The sign said that it is a camping site. Have any of you ever camped there?

    * What kinds of things were you looking for on the scavenger hunt?
    * Did you leave the dam set up?
    * Did Liam catch the frisbee? :-)

    I am going to miss all of you, and I hope you will continue blogging!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  4. Dear Mrs Yollis
    Thank you for your comment. We did have a good time!

    Liam did catch the frisbee! Mrs Webb taught us to play that game and we absolutely love it.

    These are the some of the things we had to look for and take a photo of for the scavenger hunt:
    a bird
    a yellow flower
    a footprint
    a spiky leaf
    a Y-shaped stick
    a leaf bigger than your hand
    a sign
    an bug with legs
    a white stone
    a mossy stone
    a tap

    Where do you like to have picnics?

    from B4

  5. Dear b4

    i like the school holiday b4. and i like b4.

    by Jonathon ♔

  6. Dear B4
    That was fun having a picnic. I wish we could have a picnic. Me and Tyla liked climbing trees and playing tug of war, and playing the frisbee game, and hide and seek with my best friend Tyla ... but the best part was when we ate lollies and sausages. It was yummy

    warm wishes Gand♔

  7. Dear B4
    I like to play down by the water because I Like to play in the water.

    by Matthew

  8. Dear b4
    That was very very fun at slab hut. We had a scavenger hunt. It was fun too. We had to find a bird and a yellow flower and a y shaped stick.

    by Elizabeth

  9. Dear b4
    The picnis was great
    by Jordan

  10. Dear B4
    We did lots of fun things there. But no body brot there fishing rod. we orso did a skavinger hunt. It was priit hrad. But the food was grat.

  11. Dear b4
    I like being at slab Hut. It is fun. My favourite part was when we went down by the river and got our feet wet. I like it. We took the ipods there. It was awesoome at Slab Hut. My other favourite part was when we had a sausage sizzle.
    l love my class.

    by Lukah

  12. Dear B4
    We REALLY liked trip to slub hut. We liked the bursh walk.We loved the sugegs .

    sincerly Paige and holly

  13. dear b4 i IIi

    dear b4
    i Iike going to siab hat becauu



    dear b4
    I Iike Slab Hut. I like water.

    by Sam

  14. Last week b4 went to Slab Hut . It was great fun because we
    went on a bush walk.

    by Teagan

  15. Last week b4 had a end of year picnic at Slab Hut creek. It was fun because we got to have a sausage and we got to play by the creek and we also had a scavinger hunt.

    by Spike

  16. Dear b4
    We have ben to Slab hut but we went in the river
    Dylan made a dam .

    From Nikita and Stevie.

  17. Dear b4
    We loved having a picnic at slab hut .
    We made a dam with me and my friend

    Did you?

    It is a fun place to play and camp.

    It has a creek,walk and a toilet.

    We had three games.
    1 was tug -of- war
    2 was scavenger hunt.
    and 3 was a game of frisbee.

    from Dylan and Nathan

  18. Dear B4
    Did you know I have my own farm.


  19. Dear B4
    I Love my class


  20. Dear b4

    we have a christmas tree b4. and b4 is cool.

    by Jonathon. ♔ ★ .

  21. Dear B4
    I liked it at slub hut. I really liked the sugeges. I loved the bursh walk.
    Sincerly Paig&#9812

  22. Dear Nikki
    At slab hut we have Same of Chips and we went down the water then we will get same loles and i got wet and we got to play a game is tag and we play a game of frisbee and we went to school then we got home and we went to the shop and we will