Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Achieving Goals - Ormie the Pig

We've just had our first round of 3-way conferences, 
with students, parents and teachers each having input 
into short and long-term goals 
for the children.
It seems a good time to post this video of Ormie the Pig, as he works to achieve his goal.
Ormie shows persistence and determination.

How many ways did Ormie try to achieve his goal?
What is a goal that you are working towards?

Thanks to Miss Revell and  Marvins MIndful Monkeys
and Allanah King and Moturoa
for sharing Ormie's link with us.


  1. Dear B4,

    Here are some of our goals.
    Evan's goal is to get good grades.
    Dominic would like to go to college.
    Connor would set a goal to get the job he would like to have.
    Ava wants to get better at soccer. Her strategy will be to practice.
    Lauren's goal is to go to 3rd grade.
    Aniella would like to get good at dance. She will work on her goal by practicing and listening to her dance teachers.

    We think that it is important to be persistent and keep trying. Ormie the pig was funny. He was definitely determined to get those cookies!

    Your friends,
    The Techie Kids

    1. Dear Techie Kids
      Thank you for your great comment. Your goals are interesting and some of them will take a long time to achieve. They are long-term goals.

      We set goals to help us in our reading and writing and maths.

      We think Ormie the pig is funny because he tries so hard to get the cookies down. he is talented because he has lots of ideas and tries to achieve the goal of COOKIES! Yum, yum!

      bye for now

    2. Dear techie class

      We are Tarris & Ian
      We like your kids`s goals
      We like zonbees
      We like monster trucks

      Your new friends
      Tarris & Ian

    3. Dear Tarris and Ian,

      Thank you for your reply. Have you heard what Monster trucks sound like? They are very loud! I think I would describe how loud they are by saying that they sound like thunder that uses a microphone to be even louder!

      I love your class' Tongue Twister that you left on our Techie Kids blog. I just know everyone will be excited to try it tomorrow!

      Your friend,
      Mrs. Moore

  2. Dear b4
    Ormie tried 14 ways to try it.

    Your friend Ganda

  3. Dear b4
    We Like Ormie The pig it is fnny
    and we like the thing that he did
    we like the part were he open the fraz it was funny
    by yaksh and Aleigha