Friday, June 8, 2012

Snowflakes Fall, Flutter, Flutter.

Just as we were about to begin writing on Wednesday 
it started to snow!
That immediately gave us some inspiration.
We went outside to watch and listen. 
Next we brainstormed the sounds we'd heard and made a list of onomatopoeia.
Some of us tried out a pattern: naming word (noun), action word (verb), and some onomatopoeia.
Here are our snowy weather poems, plus some others written as a Daily 5 choice in reading time.

Can you make a poem that includes some onomatopoeia?


  1. This is a great post. I love the poems, well done everyone!

  2. Dear Trevor

    I am Ian.
    my poem is the one with the lightning striks with the red around the yellow.

    from Ian

  3. Dear B4
    I can remember when we did the fist onomatopoeia. My one was “Achoo”
    Sincerely Tyla

    1. Dear Tyla
      I remember the first onomatopoeia too.My one was hoo hoo.
      sincerely P@ige

  4. Dear b4
    I could remember last year when it snowed.
    I can make a poem that includes some onomatopoeia it is: Slam-bam went the door, Crack-crack went my bones, Buzz-buzz went the bee, Zoom-zoom went the car, Beep-beep went the horn.

    your =))