Friday, October 19, 2012

Are You Scared, Mrs McKenzie?

Mrs McKenzie has never been on a hydroslide. 
Do you think she will be brave enough to try after reading these letters?

What else have the B4 writers been up to?

Have you ever been down a hydroslide?
What would you say to Mrs McKenzie to persuade her to go down the hydroslide?

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  1. Dear B4 and Mrs McKenzie

    I read your writing over the long weekend and I just loved it. I think that it is a wonderful idea for you to encourage Mrs McKenzie to just "have a go" on the hydroslide. At our school, we call that taking a "responsible risk."

    I am always inspired by my class when I see them taking risks and trying new things. They are much braver than me, and it makes me so proud.

    I try to learn from my class and try new things like they do. That's why I had a go at ice-skating in the holidays. I was very worried. I thought that I might fall over and land on my bottom. I thought that people would laugh at me.

    But guess what?! I didn't fall over! It was amazing. Even more amazing was the fact that I had SO much fun, and felt SO proud of myself for having a go.

    Keep persisting to get Mrs McKenzie to have a go. I'm sure you can persuade her with writing like that.

    Have fun!
    From Miss Revell
    Marvin's Mindful Monkeys