Sunday, September 30, 2012

And the Rule is ..... (Skip-Counting Patterns)

We've been looking at patterns and deciding what the rule is to continue each pattern,
 and how to use charts and tables to show our information.
(We used a Level 1 NZ Maths unit called Beetle Wheels)

Can you leave a letter, number or object pattern for us?


  1. Well done B4!

    I can see you are all mastering patterns and can explain the rules needed to continue the patterns. All of your charts are very impressive. :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Hello B4!
    I love.your charts and pictures to show your skip counting! They are really colourful. We had a go at continuing your patterns using our x tables.
    We have been learning about shape in A Room with a View, so can you continue this counting pattern for the number of sides on pentagons... 5, 10, 15... Can you tell how many sides there are on a pentagon from our puzzle?
    Mrs Monaghan

    1. Dear Mrs Monaghan
      Thanks for the lovely comment.
      There are 5 sides on a pentagon.

      How many kids do you have in your glass?

      Sincerely Jia xuan♔

  3. Dear B4,
    I loved your pattern charts! What a great way to illustrate patterns. We will have to give this a try.

    We make a different pattern each day during calendar. This month we are using skeletons, pumpkins, bats, and candy corn to make the patterns. First we identify the pattern core and then we try to add on to the pattern. After that we change it to a letter pattern and then a movement or sound pattern.

    Here is the pattern we did this morning (with pictures):

    skeleton, bat, pumpkin, skeleton,skeleton, bat, pumpkin, skeleton, __________, __________, _________, __________

    Can you finish our pattern?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. W

    1. Dear Mrs W
      Thanks for the Lovely comment.
      Why are you useing skeletons pumpkins and bat and candy corn.

      From Lukah

  4. Dear B4
    for our charts me and Tarris done spider legs.
    and the rule is that you add 8 on each time.
    I have a Problm for you.
    what is 58 + 73.
    Dylan has a times bord at home.
    it has two sides one is a 10’s side.
    and one side is a 20’s side.

    from Mason.

  5. Hi B4,

    I am Jaime. i am in Year2. My class have been sending you some flat Rosie's, and today the year6's are helping us write some comments to people we sent the flat Rosie's to. Here is a pattern for you:


    From Jaime

  6. Dear b4
    When I go to Australia i might be allowed to skype you b4 and I might be allowed to skypw nana too.
    I don’t know what year I will be at school .

    from Aleigha