Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pacific Prints Calendar Art

We've been working with Mrs Wistrand on Pasifica art using different art media .
You can see our latest tapa cloth artwork here, made with pastels on paper.
We also made polystyrene printing blocks which we've used to make a variety of prints:

To finish, we used our block to make our calendar art.

Parents - you can order calendars with your child's artwork during Pets day.

Have you ever made prints?
What did you use?


  1. Dear Mrs McKenzie
    I have been Going to the Monkey bars and helping Neil and Aleighea do the monkey bars and I can do them by my self.I can get up on the top and so can Ivy.Me and Ivy love getting up on the top of the moneky bars.

    Do you like going on the moneky bar`s

    From Lukah♥

  2. Wow that is some amazing artwork you and the children have been making I cant belive it! at Grey Main school is nearly finished and we are finishing off writing and reading.

  3. WOW!!!!! amazing tapa prints. how much time did it take to make them?

  4. I really like your print making B4 and I really like the butterflies.

    Shialla Room 8

  5. At my school i did prints like you. Also my name is Lucia and i am 8 years old. I am from room 8.