Friday, November 2, 2012

The Great Bean Race

Back in April, when it was autumn for us but spring for some of our northern hemisphere friends, 
we took part in a bean-growing experiment. 
Read about it here in our Full of Beans post and here in our Observational Drawings post.
Sadly, it proved too cold for our beans to do much more than sprout a little.

Now it is spring here and our three junior classes (years 1-4) have begun 'The Great Bean Race'.
We've collected and prepared our containers, and 
planted our beans.

What advice do you have for us to help us quickly grow our bean plants tall and strong?

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  1. Hi B4 and Mrs Mackenzie,
    It has been such a long time since I've been to visit you but I'm glad to see that you are all still very busy learning and having fun! I love your idea of having a bean race. The KD kids are learning about how things grow and change this term so we planted some broad bean seeds too. They started off in a cup on the windowsill with some paper towel and water and they grew slowly. When we planted them into the soil and gave them water and extra sunshine they grew very quickly! I think if you do the same your plants will grow tall. You might like to visit this site to practise on your smartboard.
    How tall do you think the tallest plant will grow B4?
    From Ms Dowling