Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Money, Money, Money!

This week in the Our World, Our Numbers project the classes are talking about currencies, led by 4KM&4KJ
Here are the notes and coins we have in New Zealand:
The $100 note features New Zealander Sir Ernest Rutherford who first split the atom; and the mohua bird.
The $50 features a famous Maori leader Sir Apirana Ngata; and the kokako bird.
On the $20 is Queen Elizabeth II; and the karearea bird.
The $10 has a well-known New Zealand writer Katherine Mansfield; and the   whio bird.
Our last note is the $5 which features Sir Edmund Hillary who was first to reach the summit of Mount Everest; and the hoiho (little blue penguin).
Our coins all feature Queen Elizabeth II plus:
$2 has a kotuku (white heron)
$1 has a kiwi bird
50c has ‘The Endeavour’ -the ship sailed by Captain James Cook
20c has a carving of a Maori chief  -Pukaki
10c has a Maori koruru (carved head).

Do you collect currency from other countries?

What countries do you have currency from?


  1. Dear B4,

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  2. Dear B4,

    I'm also apart of Mr. Avery's Class. Also, I do NOT collect other countries. I also like the title for this post. If you have the chance, could you perhaps check out my Student Blog, thanks to Mr. Avery. It's:

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