Friday, March 1, 2013

Problem Solver, Thinker .... or Vandal?

In art this term we are looking at birds.
We've already looked closely at the pukeko and now we're looking at keas.
Our class mascot Quicksilver is VERY happy about that. 
He's been busy preening his feathers to make 
himself look beautiful. 
Can you see a little flash of orange under his wing?

Quicksilver would like to show you this video about keas.
The video shows how clever keas are. 
(Quicksilver is a little embarrassed about the destruction his family can cause, but he is proud that keas are such great problem solvers and thinkers!)
Did you think the keas were clever?
How do you go about solving problems?


  1. Dear Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    I hadn't heard of Keas before! What an amazing bird! The narrator of the film, David Attenborough, is very well known in England, he narrates all the best wildlife films and everyone loves him. In England, we have a bird called a magpie which steals shiny objects and hides them in its nest - it has a reputation for being clever, but not like the Kea! Squirrels also show themselves to be good problem solvers, especially when trying to get at food on bird tables!
    We have to do a lot of problem solving in maths, and we use the RUCSAC method: Read, understand, choose operation, solve, answer, check. Is that something you are familiar with? What do you use?
    Your friends in A Room with a View, & Mrs Monaghan

  2. Hello B4! I'm Ava. I'm in the Kapai Kiwis at
    New Town Elementray and I'm in Miss Lologa's class. I loved youre post when you looked at the Pukeko and the Kea. Miss Lologa taught me about the Kea and the Pukeko so I know a lot about them.

  3. dear B4 I really love your class!I am actually from miss.Lologa's class I think you know her because I have heard a lot of good things about your class it is really cool!well nice talking with you by!

  4. Dear B4,

    I am amazed at the problem solving ability of the keas! With each test the birds were given, they persevered and got the reward. Equally impressive was the fact that they would collaborate together when necessary to achieve a goal.

    Our pet Harvey is a parrot. He is an African gray. Although he is a beautiful shade of gray, his shocking red tail feathers are spectacular! Luckily, Harvey is unable to unlatch his cage, but he does attempt to open the doors from time to time. He loves to shred paper and cardboard. Sometimes Mr. Yollis makes a mobile for him out of discarded cardboard. However, the model is destroyed quite quickly!

    I generally solve problems like the kea, using trial and error. Watching others and learning from observation is another great way to learn.

    What sort of mischief does Quick Silver get into?

    Do any of you have problems with wild keas at your house or with your family car?

    Your parrot-loving pal,
    Mrs. Y♥llis