Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our River, Our Learning

Our Social Studies topic in Term 1 has been 
'Our Place, Our River'. 
Here's the post about our visit to the river.

 One of our questions was 'where do people find gold in the Inangahua River?' This week we used models, and made drawings and movies to show our answers.

by Liv and Braedyn

We wrote information reports about our river. 

Samuel's river report

Skye's river report

Michelle's river report

The Inangahua River is definitely a special place for us!
Tell us about your special place.


  1. Dear Mrs. McKenzie & B4
    We have a lot of questions about your post! What is an opencast mine? What is tramping? Does it mean jumping on a trampoline? What is 4 wheel driving?
    After school what we like to do is playing skipping. After school there are clubs that we can join at the school. Sometimes there are competitive teams like track and field. We can try out and practice with the team if we make it. There are also things like singing class and dance class. We go to the park and play on the playscape. Some people are in a play called Aladdin and after school and at lunch they rehearse.

    1. Dear Ms. Ross and class
      The children in B4 are on a two-week break from school just now, so I will answer your questions.
      An open-cast mine is one where the overburden (the ground) is stripped away, rather than tunneling into the ground.
      I think you would call tramping 'hiking', e.g. walking in the bush or up hills or mountains, but is more strenuous than just a gentle stroll.
      4-wheel driving involves driving on off-road tracks, in vehicles that have 4-wheel drive. The muddier, wetter and rougher the track the better!

      There are a few clubs the B4 children can join after school, such as Keas and Cubs and Scouts. Many of the children belong to a rugby team - they practice once a week after school and play on Saturdays; or they might belong to a netball team.
      Some also go to hip-hop or jazz dance lessons.

      One group quite a few of the children belong to during school time is kakahaka. At kapahaka they learn Maori waiata (songs) and dances.
      Here is a link to a video I made last year:

      We'll be back at school on May 5th.

      warm regards
      Mrs McKenzie