Tuesday, May 6, 2014

String Shapes

We've been reviewing some work we started last term 
on shapes.
(See our shape song here.)

Today we made string shapes. It took a lot of negotiation and checking to get our shapes right, especially with the hexagons!

Can you guess these words? 
(They are all names of shapes.)

t - - - - - - - 
s - - - - -
o - - -
r - - - - - - - -
o - - - - - - 
c - - - - -
d - - - - - -
r - - - - - - - -


  1. Dear B4

    It was hard to make a hexagon in our group but we made a diamond.
    Can you find a hexagon at your home?

    Your pal Caleb

  2. Dear Anika
    On your birthday have a great day. I hope I come but you're taking Jamie. Happy birthday and Mes MsKenzie. All of you that are having birthdays. Mrs McKenzie you are the best teacher ever.
    But I will give you a present Anika.


  3. Hi B4

    We like your song, because you told us more about shapes.

    We are learning about shapes this term. We made pictures with shapes today.

    Bye for now
    Room 4 - Broadlands School

    1. Dear Room 4
      We're glad that you like our song. We had fun making it.

      Reagan learned that a hexagon can be any shape with 6 sides.
      Ben learned that rectangles have 2 long sides and 2 short sides.
      Korbyn learned that a square has to have 4 sides the same length.
      Emmalia learned that a rectangle can have a different name - oblong.
      Ryan learned that a block shape is a cube.
      Caleb learned that flat surface inside the sides is called the face.
      Jamie learned that a box shape is called a cube.
      Bobby learned that a circle has one side and 0 corners.
      Ethan learned that an oval has one side and 0 corners.
      Chelsea learned that pointy bits are called corners.
      Samuel learned that corners can be called vertices.

      Can you tell us a fact about a shape?

      bye for now

  4. Dear B4,

    I loved your string shapes! I've never seen a human string shape before. I'll have to do this with my class.

    Here we call the spot where two sides meet a vertex. The plural of vertex is vertices. What do you call the spot where two sides meet?

    Your geometry-loving friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis