Wednesday, July 30, 2014


We've been talking about being 'Firewise' - knowing what to do in the event of a fire.

Here are the key messages from the Fire Service:

Fire spreads very fast.

The smoke from a fire is poisonous and people must not breathe the smoke. If they do, they will not get out of the room.

You need to get out of the room by staying UNDER the smoke! 

Go to the safe meeting place.

Where is your family's safe meeting place outside of your house?

What should you do if you hear the smoke alarm?

How many working smoke alarms do you have in your house?

What happens if there is a fire alarm at school?


  1. HI B4. We will be starting the Firewise programme next week, so we'll be able to share our learning with you. Some of our parents are volunteers in the Clyde Fire Brigade. Do you have a volunteer Fire Brigade in Reefton and if so, are any of your Mum's and Dad's fire fighters?
    We look forward to reading more about your learning on this topic, and sharing what we learn.
    From Mrs Kitto and Room 6

  2. Dear Room 6
    We learned that fires spread really quickly so we know to get out fast and we know that we don't go back in until the fire is out.

    We have a volunteer fire brigade too, but none of our mums or dads are in it. Jamie's cousin Hannah is in the fire brigade though, and she is a senior student in our school.
    Did you know that older kids can be in the brigade? Hannah is 17.

    bye for now
    Mrs McKenzie and B4

  3. Dear B4
    My safe meeting spot is across the road.We have 1 smoke alarm in my house. If there a fire at school we go to the cage.

    from Ben

  4. Dear B4
    My safe meeting place is by the letter box. If there,s a fire at school you have to go to the cage. If you were in a room and you saw smoke coming out of your door you get out the window.

    By Samuel

  5. Hello buddies
    We had a fire drill and we had to go to the safe place which was the rugby field.
    We also learned about firewise'''and we know we should call 111
    Stay safe from fire
    Room 4 Broadlands School

  6. Dear b4
    my safe meeting place is out bye the cars.
    If there was a fire at school we wood go to the cage.
    where is your safe meeting place?

    From Caleb.

  7. Dear b4
    we have 2 smoke alarms in our house.
    How many smoke alarms do you have?

    From Caleb.

  8. Dear B4
    My safe meeting place is outside the gate. We have 3 smoke alarms in our house. When we have a fire at school we go out to the cage. If there is a fire at the door we go out the window. Fire spreads very quickly.

    from Lily

    1. Dear Lily
      we have 5 smoke alarms in are house. Have you got someone sleeping in your bedroom. Because if you have someone in your room wake them up and shout FIRE! And get out.
      By Samuel

  9. Dear B4
    Are safe meeting place is by the gate. Last year there was a chimne fire. Samuel smelt the smoke first. We went to are safe meeting place. I could see sparkes coming out of the chimne. I got to hold Eben. Then we could go inside. Mum said we were a champ. If there is a fire at school we will go to the cage. Wonse Eben burned his foot and Wonse Rebecca burnt her nackle by a litter.

    By Samuel and Rebecca