Sunday, December 7, 2014

Creating Our Costumes

Our science topic this term, 'Under the Sea', 
led into a dance unit. 
The children, with Mrs Wistrand's help, have created a dance which will be presented at our Celebration of Learning.

For homework, the children and their families
have been planning and creating their costumes. 
First they drew the plans according to the success criteria:
- must be easy to put on with little help
- must have some attributes of the sea creature being portrayed
- must be mostly the chosen colour

The next step was to make the costumes.

The cellotape sculptures the children made in art, have been used for parts of some costumes.
These ...

became our octopus!

We look forward to sharing our dance with you later this week!

What undersea creature would you choose to be, and why?


  1. Hi B4
    looks like u have been busy getting ready for the big show cant wait to see it. My favourite under sea creature is a orca (killer whale)
    from Kevin Thomson

    1. Dear Kevin
      Thank you for your comment.
      My favourite under sea creature is a crayfish because I like the legs.
      What is your favourite under sea creature?
      I Cant wait to go to the end of year show.

      From Caleb

    2. Dear Kevin
      Thank you for your comment. We can't wait for the show either! We hope you enjoy it.

      from b4