Wednesday, December 10, 2014

'Motion In the Ocean'

Our school's end-of-year Celebration of Learning showcases arts items from the primary classes, 
along with the presentation of academic, cultural and sporting awards to the secondary level students.

B4 are proud to present their item from this year's celebration.

All the items can be seen here.

What was your favourite part of our item?


  1. Hi B4 and Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Wistrand... from Invercargill (can you find us on the map of New Zealand??).
    I am teaching a class of 30 Year 6 students and today for numeracy games we "opened the door to B4" and had a good play of your numeracy games. We also had a blast looking at your Celebration of Learning item. Our favourite part was the amazing outfits, so we looked at how you made them. Impressive!!
    We hope you all had a fun time putting it all together and performing.
    Catch you again soon (like a fish!!).
    Love from Mrs Webb and Room 4 at Newfield Park School :)

  2. Dear Mrs Webb
    How great to hear from you!
    You might be jealous to know that today was our last day for the year!
    We are glad you enjoyed playing our numeracy games.

    warm wishes
    from Mrs McKenzie, Mrs Wistrand and B4

    1. Silly me! We still have another 1 week and 1 day so...
      Catch you later. :)

  3. Dear B4
    We all did a good gob at the celebration of learning!
    I wasnt even nerves.

    From Caleb

    1. Dear Caleb
      You did a very good job, playing your guitar and singing. I enjoyed the show very much.
      What song do you think you will learn to play next?

      from Mrs mcK