Global Projects

One of the exciting aspects of blogging is the opportunity to be involved in global projects.
We try to choose projects that will fit in with our literacy outcomes as well as 
enhancing our general education.

Global Maths Twitter Task Challenge
read about this project here

Colour Poems
Term 2, 2015

We wrote poems about the colours of the visible spectrum and shared them with other classes around the world via Twitter, 
using the hashtag #clrpoem

Our World, Our Numbers
Term 1 and 2, 2013

The students were all from primary (elementary) classes from three different continents and five countries.
Mr Avery’s sixth grade class from Massachusetts, USA
Mrs Monaghan’s 3/4 class, Room with a View, from England
Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan’s grade four class, 4KM and 4KJ, from Victoria, Australia
Mrs McKenzie’s 2/3 class, B4, from New Zealand
Mrs Yollis’ 2/3 class from California, USA
Mr Salsich’s third grade class from Connecticut, USA
Mrs Watson’s K/1/2/3 class from Canada

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How did it work?
Students from all classes connected and collaborated by sharing their mathematical lives. This happened through the blog and involved a variety of media.
A different class led a mathematical topic every week or so, publishing posts and replying to comments.  The other classes read the posts,  published their own posts, and left blog comments.
The learning
Through blog posts, the students taught each other about different aspects of mathematics based on aspects of their own culture.
The learning continued in the commenting section where students, teachers and parents engaged in conversations to explore mathematical and cultural topics further.
Students gained an understanding of mathematics through the eyes of children in different countries and cultures. They made comparisons and contrasts between their lives and other students’ lives.

As the concluding project from Our World, Our Numbers classes shared Poetry with Maths:

The Tale Trail
Term 2 2012

Classes joined together to write and illustrate a story through their blogs.
It started with one class writing the first part of the story and posting it to their blog.
Then, the next class read the beginning of the story and added on to it through their blog.
We continued until we got to the last class.
They put the finishing touches on it and wrapped the whole story up!

Each class had 3 school days to work on their portion of the story.
At the bottom of each post, there are links to the parts of the story that had already been done as well as the next part of the story once was finished.
In order to read the whole thing, you’ll be taken on a journey through the blogs of all six classes.
Down below you’ll be able to find the dates around when each class posted their portion of the story. You can also see a map showing the locations of all the classes.

Read  Part 1 on Mr Salsich's class blog 
 Read Part 2 on Mrs Yollis' class blog 
Read Part 3 on B4's blog
Read Part 4 on Mr Avery's class blog 
Read Part 5 on Mrs Watson's class blog 
Read Part 6-The Conclusion on Mrs Morris' and Miss Jordan's class blog 

Thank you to our friend Mr Avery for organising this wonderful project.

Here is the whole story in one place:

(Press the play button on the slideshow below, and use the arrows to view each slide.)

Full of Beans!
Term 2 2012
We have joined some Canadian and American classes in a bean-growing experiment.
While it is spring for those classes, it is autumn for us! 
We thought it would be fun to find out if we can make our window beans grow too!
Check out the 'Full of Beans' wiki.

The 'Eggsperiment'
In Term 1 2012 we joined with other classes to try 
an egg experiment.
Read all about it in our posts here and here
and on the Egg wiki here.

Our World, Our Stories
A project for Term 4, 2011, with some of our blogging buddies from USA, Canada, Australia, Ghana and Belize.

After seven busy weeks the finale of the project was a song 'Make New Friends'.

and a shared reading of 
'Whoever you Are'
written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Leslie Staub.

As part of the week that we led during the Our World, Our Stories project we made this retelling of a well-known Maori legend, 'The Fish of Maui _Te Ika a Maui'.

Quad Blogging
We joined with our quad-blogging buddies
to put together this video explaining the quad-blogging concept.

StoryBirds with Canada
We had a lot of fun writing stories with the children in Mrs Watson's grade 2/3/ class in Canada. 
Click here to 
see the post and to read our stories.

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Global Classroom 2011/2012 wiki

Check out the: Global Classroom wiki (2011) and Voicethread

    Magnie the Whale visits from the Shetlands

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The postcard project has been a big part of 2011, and a lot of fun. 
These are the links we have to the classes we connected with through postcards.
Click here to read our posts about postcards!

Pirates of Room 4 -NZ (Miss Leakey is the creator of this project)
2KM and 2KJ - Australia                                
2MK - Australia
A Peek Inside- Australia                                
Windows into Learning -Australia
Mrs W at Harston- Australia
The Lion's Den-Carlton School                    
Year 3 Superstars - Australia
Miss Goodey and 3/4G -Australia              
The Classroom Connection - Canada
Mrs Soltau-Hellers class - Canada              
Burravoe School - Shetlands, Scotland        
Hongwanji Mission School - Hawaii          
4K, Merton School - USA
Techie Kids - USA                                          
Tech-Taters - USA
Mrs Yollis and Grade 3 - USA                      
Lyudmila's Friends blog-Russia
Mrs Lynch and Rm 102 - Canada
Mrs Watson and Grade 2/3 - Canada
Rm 2 Kaipara Flats - NZ
Mrs Hembree and Bellbulldogreaders - USA
Hawes Community Primary School - England

Jenny Gallagher and Year 6 -Australia
Lauren Waller and Mimili Middle School - Australia
Jenny Goetz and 1G - Australia
Sharee Barry and  3/4B - Australia
Carla Saunders and Yr 7 English - Australia

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Our Flat Stanley project with 2KM and 2KJ in Australia was such a lot of fun.
Read about it here.