Saturday, December 11, 2010

Grease Lightning

The video of our item at the Celebration of Learning didn't work out!
So here is one of our favourite items instead. 
The Year 5/6 class worked all term with our Arts support staff, Ina and Sandy,
to bring their item together.


  1. Kia ora! I can see why that item was one of your favourites - very cool! Sad for you that your video did not work out... Our Leavers' celebration is on Tuesday night. We will video it as well but I think we may make our own music video to post onto our blog... Have a fantastic summer break! We are looking forward to watching your learning next year and hope you will join in with us as well :)

  2. Dear msbee
    I hope you also have a great summer break, and we will catch up with you next year.

    Judy McKenzie

  3. i wish Grease Lighting was at assembly every Friday because i Like it By tyla.