Monday, December 13, 2010

Season's Greetings

☆ ☆
I would like to wish all of our families and friends season's greetings, 
and to thank you all for following us throughout 
our first year of blogging.
☆ ☆
School is out now until February 1, 
although there will be some occasional posts over the summer.
We look forward to catching up with you all again then. 

☆ ☆ 


  1. We wish you a merry christmas and a hope you have a great christmas with your family.

    from room 2 Emma
    Burnham school

  2. Dear Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a great break over the holidays. We are sure that you will be very busy enjoying yourselves (just like we plan to be!). Hope we can keep in touch with you again next year!
    From KD and Ms Dowling