Wednesday, December 1, 2010


is the word we use to describe 
words that resemble the object or action they name.

After we read 
'Mr Brown can Moo! Can You?' by Dr. Seuss,
the class brainstormed some words, then chose one each to illustrate.

Can you think of some more 


  1. Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

    We loved your onomatopoeia examples. Here are some others:

    Alexa - ruff!
    Jaden - meow!
    Adia - tick tock!
    Alie - cluck! cluck!
    Ryan - neigh!
    Finn - quack!
    Lindsay - squeak!
    Misha - oink!
    Grace - buzz!
    Aaron - tap! tap!
    Tucker - roar!
    Ruth - tweet!
    Nicole - sniff! sniff!
    Ben - honk! honk!
    Kristen - chirp!
    Ileanna - knock!
    Andrew - ding dong!
    Nicolas - gulp!
    Iman - slurp!
    Grayson - choo! choo!
    Hannah - swish!
    Mrs. Y♥llis - splash!
    Panda - crunch! crunch!

    Do you know what thing makes these onomatopoeia?

    Your noisy friends,
    Mrs. Y♥llis' class

    P.S. Our school bell just went DING! DING! so we have to go!

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